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University of West Indies Open Campus

ASc in Social Work


Gain insight and practical skills to address some current social issues with the Associate of Science Degree in Social Work (ASc SOWK). This programme is designed to provide training for social work assistants to prepare them for work in agencies and communities and to provide appropriate support to social workers. The courses address the theory and practice of social work and human needs and behaviours. Graduates will be able to serve in para-professional positions and advance organizational goals.

Graduates who meet minimum GPA requirements will be eligible for entry to Level 2 of the relevant BSc programme at UWI.

Download pdf version of document here

Who is this programme for?

The ASc Social Work programme is specifically designed for persons wishing to develop social work skills in order to contribute to resolving problems in their local communities and persons interested in building their qualifications towards a professional qualification in social work.

Programme Structure

The associate degree programmes are delivered using a mixed-mode format. Courses are delivered  using online or blended  approaches. Students must have access to a computer and Internet access. Online orientation is conducted before the start of the programme.

Students complete a total of 60 credits normally equivalent to 20 courses. Students explore general education and core courses in a number of areas including:

• Statistics
• Principles and Practice of Social Work
• Ethics for the Human Services
• Caribbean Social Policy & Social Services
• Introduction to Social Research
• Theory & Practice of Social Work

When will the programme start?

The programme starts in August of the academic year.

Entry Requirements

Applicants should meet lower level matriculation requirements which include:

1.    Holders of five (5) CXC or GCE ‘O’ Level passes or equivalent, not necessarily obtained at the same sitting, as follows:
(i)    English (A), and
(ii)    Mathematics or a foreign language, or an approved science (not Health Science), or additional Mathematics or Geography
(iii)    Three (3) other approved subjects not already counted above.
2.    Persons over the age of 21 on the basis of their overall academic and professional attainments.
3.    Holders of the approved certificates from the School of Continuing Studies, UWI with an acceptable pass in English Language

In addition applicants should have a minimum of three years experience in the social service sector as staff or volunteer.

Academic Preparation

Prior to the start of the programme all new participants must take part in an orientation programme held in August of an academic year.  This orientation introduces learners to online study and prepares them for the demands of a UWI Open Campus Associate Degree programme.

OOL1001  Orientation to Online Learning
IYMS1001  Improving Your Math Skills

Course of Study

General Education
MGMT1000 Introduction to Computers  Online
FOUN1101 Caribbean Civilization  Online
FOUN1001 English for Academic Purposes  Online
SOCI1005 Introductory Statistics for the Behavioural Sciences  Online
SPAN0900 Introductory Spanish  Online
Programme Core
SOWK0900 Principles & Practice of Social Work I  Online
SOWK0901 Principles & Practice of Social Work II  Online
SOWK0902 Human Growth and Development  Online
SOWK0903 Human Behaviour and the Social Environment  Online
SOCI1002 Introduction to Sociology  Online
SOCI1001 Introduction to Social Research  Online
GOVT1900 Administrative Principles & Practices  Online
SOWK1001 Introduction to Social Work  Online
SOWK1003 Theory and Practice of Social Work  Online
PHIL1902 Ethics for the Human Services  Online
GOVT1902 Caribbean Political Economy  Online
SOWK0905 Introduction to Caribbean Social Policy and Social Services  Online
PSYC1003 Introduction to Psychology  Online
SOWK1900 Social Work Practicum  Online
SOWK1007 Law of Social Workers  Online

University of West Indies Open Campus ASc in Social Work