In an effort to transform the local economy away from its historic dependence on oil and gas, UTT is engaged in research into renewable and sustainable energy sources. One such initiative is the first Solar House in Trinidad and Tobago, located at the UTT Point Lisas – The Energy Campus.

This project was executed in partnership with the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs (MEEA) as well as the National Energy Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago (NE) and is designed to showcase the potential of solar energy as a viable energy source locally. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been established between NE and UTT to govern the relationship between the two (2) parties.


The Solar House will be open to students in order to give them a firsthand knowledge of solar energy technology and its various applications. This is the first in a series of renewable energy (RE) initiatives being undertaken by UTT through its Energy Institute, also located at the Energy Campus in Point Lisas.

The University of Trinidad y Tobago