The Caribbean Office of the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF), organizes in partnership with the Modern Languages and Literatures department at the University West Indies (UWI-Mona), a regional seminar for the French departments and sections of the member universities of the AUF in the Caribbean from December 2 to 4 2015 in Jamaica.

This seminar, to be held on the Mona Campus, will bring together twenty academic leaders and teachers from eight countries in the region: Barbados, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Martinique, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Trinidade and Tobago.

Three Haitian teachers, among others, will be present at this Caribbean conference to discuss their work and to represent two faculties of the State University of Haiti: MM. Renaud Govain, Rogeda Dorcé Dorcil (Faculty of Applied Linguistics) and Ms Darline Alexis (École Normale supérieure).

Renaud Govain will intervene on the theme “The Haitian French and French-speaking Caribbean : promote the strengthening of the French fact in the region” and Rogeda Dorcé Dorcil will intervene on “The situation of French and French departments in Haiti.”

The seminar aims to mobilize French academic departments in the Caribbean in three areas: Research, Expertise / Training, Assessment and Planning 2016.

First component : extent of the issues of language research in the region, which itself is a reflection of the strong linguistic disparity of our environment;

Second component : expertise proposed on the use of digital technology (ICT) in learning French as a foreign language (FLE) will accompany the evolution of language departments and of French that favor increasingly these technologies and the empowerment of learning by learners;

Third component : a round table with the heads of the French departments in the Caribbean and the AUF will present the tools already availabledeployed by the Agency in support of these departments as well as co-define the best strategy of accompaniment of the French sections closest to their expectations and needs.

Beyond the transversal objective of this meeting will be to generate all the possible convergences and collaborations between researchers and universities in the region.

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