Good food and now good education and career opportunities can be added to the diverse list Nestle offers. These watchwords resonated at the launch of “Nestle needs Youth” yesterday at the Mariott Hotel, Port-of-Spain, where the company assured its role in minimising youth unemployment.

Nestle will be working with the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) along with many stakeholders, inclusive of the Ministry of Labour Small and Micro Enterprises Development, University of the West Indies and the Human Resource Management Association, to create a strong force to fight and reduce unemployment among local youths.

Michel Beneventi, Country Manager of Nestle, stressed the importance of the global company to improve the country through the initiative. “This is really an exciting opportunity which allows us, to not only give back, but also better our community,” he said. Along with their partnerships, Nestle has created four main pillars to accomplish by 2017 which are: Get hired, where the company aspires to hire at least 60 youths ranging in age from 16-25.

Get Skilled, where the company hopes to engage at least 70 tertiary students in training internships and apprenticeships.

Get support, handson activities, including career fairs, and practised interview sessions in which Nestle hopes to develop 3,000 students.

Get more opportunities, where the company will be creating 140 job options through their suppliers.

The youths are offered three structured programmes straight out of schools where they can obtain a recognised certificate in partnership under the apprenticeship programme, the internship programme, from three to 24 months, and the trainee programme which gives participants the necessary training to obtain a permanent job in any field. UTT president Professor Dyer Narinesingh said the institution is ready to help.

UTT was presented with a bursary cheque of $20,000 from Nestle.