Galen University offers six online, undergraduate programs and four blended, graduate programs across business disciplines and education. Classes are conducted live-online, using the University’s video conferencing technology and complementing the University’s online academic repository, where class resources are managed.

In addition to our Galen programs, the University shares partnerships with the University of North Carolina at Wilmington (UNCW) and the University of Nicosia (UNIC) for two of Master of Education offerings.

The Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Administration is offered distance solely through the UNIC. Our Master of Education in Secondary Education is dually offered with UNCW.

Undergraduate programs are 63 credit hours beyond an Associate Degree, requiring students to attend live-online lectures one night a week and on Saturdays.

Academic discourse and student teacher interaction are the foundation of each session. Courses are conducted in five week blocks.  Students usually complete their undergraduate program in two years, one semester.

Graduate programs range from 36 – 39 credit hours depending on the program of study. These programs are often blended and emphasize a combination of online sessions and in-class lectures.

Students attend live-online lectures one night a week and on Saturdays in the case of the MBA program, where sessions are conducted in five week blocks.

All other graduate programs run on an eight week schedule, with classes offered Saturdays only. Students usually complete their graduate program in 16 months for the MBA and two years for all other degree programs.

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